ÅL BYGDAMUSEUM The sunny hillside farm  Experience beautiful nature and heritage at this old hillside farm, set in the countryside 1.4 km north west of Ål in Hallingdal. The farm is surrounded by forests, fields and old stonewalls, with views of Strandafjorden, Sangfjell, Vestlia and the village of Ål.  The museum comprises 32 old buildings, including stilt houses, cowshed, smithy, flourmill, bathhouse, schoolhouse and big and small farmhouses, some with rose paintings.   The museum has a number of great activities, such as sledding day, “Mother Earth” day, 17th of May celebration, herb day, harvest day, environment fair, Thanksgiving and events for advent. At the crofter’s farm, the museum has a themed heritage area for schools, called “Food from field to table”. Groups can book guided tours outside normal opening hours.

You can see the old houses at ÅL BYGDAMUSEUM here at the Digitalt Museum