DAGALI MUSEUM can be found in the mountain village Dagali, 24 kilometers from Geilo. Here are buildings and artifacts from Dagali, Skurdalen, Tunhovd and Uvdal. Most are in the tradition from Numedal since Dagali until 1944 belonged to Uvdal municipality. The museum is built like an old farm with nine different farm buildings from Dagali, mostly from the 1700s and 1800s. In addition, you will find the old school house from the village, and an exhibition building with an object collection. Dagali Museum was originally a private collection. Teacher Gunnar Stensen started collecting artifacts around 1900 and buildings from around 1920 onwards and built up as collection on his own farm, Fagerlund. In 1947 he bequeathed the entire museum to the village, and Dagali museum association was founded to drive it further. Every summer sets renowned artists into Kjønås-storehouse. Museum Day under Dagali-Dagan in the middle of July has become a nice tradition.

You can see the old houses at Dagali Museum here at the Digitalt Museum.