GOL BYGDEMUSEUM High above the valley!

The farm Skaga lies on the hillside by the college Hallingdal Folkehøgskole, with great views of Gol. Skaga’s last farmer transferred ownership of the farm to Hallingdal Høgskulelag in the 1950’s, and the old farm buildings and their interiors were turned into a museum.Later on, buildings from other farms were acquired and moved to the farmyard, such as a bath-house, flour mill, summer farm house, feed store and even a school house.The flower meadow is left untouched until mid-July, when visitors can take part in the haying with scythettes and rakes. Groups can book guided tours outside normal opening hours. Welcome to Gol rural museum!

You can see all the houses at GOL BYGDEMUSEUM here at the Digital Museum.