HEMSEDAL BYGDETUN In the heart of the cultural landscape. Øvre Løkji is one of the oldest farms in Hemsedal. There has probably been a farm here since the Migration Period. The farmhouse, stilt houses, barn, stables and smithy date back to between 1642 and 1876. The farm buildings and interiors provide a great insight into what life was like on a farm in Hemsedal from the 17th century and up to modern times. A bathhouse, feed store and summer farm building have been erected outside the main compound. The cultural landscape around the farm has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Stone walls and clearance cairns are tell-tale signs of the toil of the people clearing the ground for fields on the steep hillside. The forest has spread into the fields for decades, but improved care and grazing are helping to restore the fields. The cultural landscape at Øvre Løkji has been assigned «special national interest» status. An old lane leading from the farm to Skogshorn has become a popular walking trail. The trail also leads to the hills of Geiteberget, Storhøvde and Skuvefjell. Groups can book guided tours outside normal opening hours.

You can see all the houses at HEMSEDAL BYGDATUN, Øvre Løkji here at the Digitalt Museum